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Maryam Says The Nation Knows Who Has ‘Selected’ Imran, Presses For Holding The Accountability Court Judge Accountable

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday pressed the demand for holding the accountability court judge accountable and said the nation knew who had “selected” Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“The nation has no confusion. They know they didn’t elect him. So they also know who selected him,” she remarked.

Maryam remarked neither cases would have been registered against the PML-N leaders nor there was a need of censorship, if the people did not know anything.

She said she wasn’t an irresponsible person like Imran that she would drag the institutions, but, at the same time, she did not want the issues to reach the point of no return. If the affairs reached that stage, she would share everything, the PML-N vice-president warned.

People have the right to know about the game being played behind the curtains, said Maryam.

About the accountability judge and the videos released earlier, she made it clear that for the every baseless story fabricated by the judge in his affidavit, she had an answer and counter evidence.

About Supreme Court Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa’s remarks why the aggrieved party hasn’t approached the court, Maryam questioned what would have been reaction if a video against Nawaz or her was released, as she called for taking action under Article 184(3).

About the possibility of retrial, she rejected the option and said what the guarantee was that the next judge too won’t be blackmailed.

“I knew that hardships would be inflicted upon me after I public that video. But I had to bring forward the evidence of Nawaz Sharif’s innocence in front of the people of Pakistan.”

Maryam said she would move the court as the government had concealed medical reports from the family and denied Nawaz home-cooked food despite health issues amid the ill-treatment faced by him in the prison.

Speaking on the occasion, veteran politician Javed Hashmi said he used to ask Imran to become an elected prime minister, but he always insisted on becoming the selected prime minister.


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