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Maryam Says Punjab Is Awake, Asks It To Act And Lead To Ensure Respect For The Vote of Other Provinces

Vote would have to be respected, said Maryam Nawaz on Monday, as she urged Punjab to act and lead, not only for itself but also the other provinces to ensure the respect of their vote.

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It is the people who will rule, not power, bullying and rigging, she said in a series of tweets that also contained images and videos of her rally in Faisalabad.

Maryam said Punjab is awake, adding, “Punjab is rousing & [and] reacting.”

She said a huge crowd participated in the rally despite huge odds, worst victimisation including arrests, crackdown, threats, roadblocks, hindrances, cheap tactics like filling the grounds with water and zero coverage on media. “This is simply unbelievable & [and] without a parallel. People love MNS [Mian Nawaz Sharif].

About Prime Minister Imran Khan’s rally in Washington, Maryam said he had to do it in America owing to the havoc played with the people of Pakistan. It might not be possible for him to come out in public and face the simmering wrath. “He knows that well.”

The PML-N leader also asked the Pakistanis to ask Imran what conditions had been met before leaving for the US.



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