Maryam Nawaz Among 3000 Other PML-N Workers Booked For Faisalabad Rally 'Without Permission'

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Maryam Nawaz Among 3000 Other PML-N Workers Booked For Faisalabad Rally ‘Without Permission’

Faisalabad: In the aftermath of the PML-N rally in Faisalabad, authorities have booked at least 3000 workers including the daughter of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to Dawn, the charges mainly include conducting rallies without permission, anti-government speeches, hurling threats, and others. The subsequent charges were registered at Nishatabad, Sargodha Road, Rail Bazaar, Factory Area and Samanabad police stations.

Many PMLN senior leaders and members of the parliament are booked under the said charges including Jaffar Hocha, Ajmal Asif, Rana Ali Abbas, Zafar Nagra, Hamid Rasheed, Rai Haider Ali, former MNAs Haji Akram Ansari, Ijaz Virk and others.

PMLN Leaders booked under the same charges include Maryam Nawaz`s husband Muhammad Safdar, former Governor Sindh, Zubair Umar, former state minister, Talal Chaudhry, and others.

Nawaz reached Faisalabad in the later hours on Sunday where she had decided to reach Rana Sanaullah`s residence.

A police officer said cases had been registered on the direction of the government and subsequent raids will be carried out soon.

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