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Man Arrested For Sexually Harassing Women In Lahore

Lahore: The Lahore police has arrested a man for alleged sexual harassment claims. The accused was arrested from Raiwand area in Lahore.

According to the Express Tribune, the incident occurred near Etihad Town when a group of women was traveling in a motorcycle rickshaw. Arsalan Manzoor was on a motorbike and he followed the rickshaw for a distance, hurling sexually offensive and derogatory comments at the said women.

Charges against Manzoor include vile behavior and ‘indecent exposure’. Lahore police came into action when the complainant took to social media posting images of the offender.

A team led by SP Sardar Ahsan Saif Ullah started investigations and soon arrested Arsalan, who is a resident of Westwood Colony. He further requested the complainant on twitter to follow up for an FIR to be lodged.

Express Tribune quotes CCPO Lahore who lauded SP`s efforts to arrest the culprit. Many replied to SP`s tweet appreciating city police efforts to apprehend the offender.



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