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‘Imran Khan’s US Visit Not Likely To help Pakistan’s Struggling Economy’

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s three-day visit to the US is not likely going to do much for his country’s struggling economy, the CNBC reported, quoting a political analyst, on Tuesday.

“I imagine that one of the requests that Imran Khan and other senior officials travelling with them in Washington have asked for is some type of stepped-up US support for Pakistan’s economy,” Michael Kugelman, deputy director and senior associate for South Asia at the US-based Wilson Center, told CNBC.

He said it’s not likely that Washington will extend economic help to Pakistan yet, as there are other issues that take precedence in their bilateral dialogue — including Afghanistan and counter-terrorism.

“Instead, the US is dangling the possibility of stronger trade and economic cooperation with Pakistan, if the latter were to help with the peace talks in Afghanistan and do more to crack down on terrorism within its borders,” Kugelman said.

“If you look at the statement that the White House released soon before Prime Minister Khan had his meeting with Trump, there was a series of lines in the statement about how the US and Pakistan trade cooperation has increased in recent years, sort of like highlighting the fact that you do have this cooperation,” he said.

Kugelman added that Imran could potentially also look to the US private sector to try and bring in some support to the Pakistani economy through new investments.


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