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Imran Khan In Trouble As Abraaj Scandal Unfolds In UK

Arif Naqvi, the founder of Abraaj Group, was arrested in London on the charges of defrauding American investors. The victims included Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Bank’s International Finance Corp unit. His future looks bleak given the list of affectees and the amount of money involved.

He is currently on bail but restricted to his home. But this huge fraud case can have serious implications for Pakistan, as Naqvi has reportedly been a PTI financer. When arrested, he also 0gave one of Imran’s phone numbers to authorities among the people to contact if necessary.

Naqvi is a close friend of Imran for over 20 years. So one shouldn’t be surprised over the reports that he was the source of around two-thirds of PTI’s election expenses in 2013. It is said Asif Ali Zardari’s interview was taken off air because he was going to discuss this matter.

It creates more doubts as the PTI foreign funding case is moving nowhere for the last several years.

That’s why Reham Khan in a recent tweet said “American investigators looking into Arif Naqvi Abraaj scandal will be very interested to know what I was a witness to”.


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