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Hammad Azhar Removed From Revenue Ministry

Hammad Azhar, former Minister of State for revenue was elevated to the position of a federal minister earlier this week, however he has now been removed from that position too. Azhar will now act as the federal minister for economic affairs division.

According to a notification issued by the cabinet division on July 8,  Azhar had been appointed the federal minister for Revenue Division. Azhar’s ascension meant that Dr. Hafeez Shaikh, the adviser to the prime minister on finance, revenue, and economic affairs, no longer held the portfolio of Revenue Division adviser.

The partial modification announced later mentioned that Azhar had been elevated to the status of a federal minister for Economic Affairs while Dr. Hafeez Sheikh will not serve as an advisor to Economic Affairs anymore. Sheikh will continue rendering his services as an advisor for revenue and finance.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced Azhar’s elevation while addressing the Budget session where he appreciatrd Azhar for his effort and ‘composure’ during the whole process.

 “He has now earned the federal ministership for himself”, Khan added.


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