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Gulzar Hussain`s Love For Education

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Image Courtesy: Dawn

Gulzar Hussain, who belongs to Luqmankhel area in Upper Kurram tribal district is a true reflection of the importance of education in our society. Hussain who lost his both legs and an arm in a blast completed his own education and now imparts the same to other children.

In an article titled, “Parachinar teacher an example of determination”, published in the Daw, Hussains`s journey has been explained. As per the story, Hussain`s education involves a Masters Degree in Islamic studies.

Currently, he teaches the under-privileged children of his native village in a local government primary school for a monthly remuneration of Rs.6000 per month.

It goes without saying that Hussain has earned the respect and love of his fellow villagers. Mohammad Rashid, whose son is also a student of Mr. Hussain recommends that the government should appoint the special teacher to a permanent post against his services for the people of his village.

In times of ordeal and the suffering erstwhile FATA went through during the reign of terror, it is remarkable to see people like Hussain who strive hard to make an honorable living and impart the best of gift in the form of education.



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