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From A Cricket World Cup Defeat To A Snooker Victory, Pakistan Vs. India

The Pakistan Cricket team lost to India in the ongoing cricket world cup in England and Wales recently. While the cricket team is almost out of the tournament, two other players representing Pakistan in the International arena grabbed another world cup title.

The Pakistan snooker team at the IBSF snooker World Cup Doha defeated the defending champions India in a 3-1 standoff. Babar Masih and Zulfiqar Qadir made their way to the finals and defeated the arch-rivals to lift the snooker World Cup.

According to International Business Times, Indians lost the first two frames in a row from their Pakistani counterparts. Chances for a whitewash were quite prevalent when Pankaj Adwani and Laxman Rawat brought India back into the game.

Pakistan wrapped up the game with winning the next frame and the championship.

Earlier on the Pakistani team had defeated Qatar 3-1 and India had a tough game with Ireland defeating them 3-2 to qualify for the finals.



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