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First Female Student From Balochistan To Persue A Masters In Cancer Biology

Masooma Rajput becomes the first female to complete a Masters degree in Cancer Biology from Heidelberg University in Germany. Masooma is the 25th lady who is mastering in cancer biology at Heidelberg University Germany reports Urdu Point.

She has been awarded an internship in cancer research at Harvard University. Previously, she completed her bachelors on an awarded scholarship in Germany.

“If a person decides and wants something, then nothing is impossible,” she said as published by Urdu Point.

She told how she was criticized for dreaming big but her parents and close relatives extended their support and stood by her side.

Masooma said, “My educational journey was to become a nurse but I wished to do something more interesting.”

“So, I chose more subjects in O and A’Levels so that I have more options,” she added.

Many took to Twitter expressing their regard for Masooma`s achievements.

Senator Anwar-ul- Haq Kakar in a tweet added, “This is an honor for all of us that Masooma Rajput the daughter of Quetta is awarded an internship in cancer research at Harvard University. Currently, she has been doing Masters in Heidelberg institute Germany kudos more power to women.”


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