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Carrying Naswar Banned On All CAA Flights

ISLAMABAD: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has banned carrying Naswar on all flights. The development comes in as the act of carrying Naswar was deemed as a punishable offense by the authority.

As per the aviation authority’s notification, all airports have been notified to act accordingly. The notification further stated that all Arab countries had included the said item (Naswar) in prohibited drugs’ lists. Therefore, passengers to and from Pakistan should adhere to the laws.

A huge number of both white collar and blue collar workers travel to Arab countries from Pakistan carrying the item in question.

What Is Naswar?

Naswar is basically oral tobacco consumed widely in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Russia, etc. It is consumed in a rather unique manner where the powdered Naswar is stuffed under the lips for long periods of time.

Meanwhile, the item is already banned in the majority of the Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom.


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