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Are Imran Khan’s North American Supporters OK With Censorship At Home?

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a rally in Washington DC. The crowd comprising the Pakistanis living in the US was charged and enthusiastic to see the PM. Their active participation was a manifestation of the interest and passion about Pakistan and politics back home.

In his address, Imran promised a merit-based system to provide equal opportunities to everyone. He also vowed to root out corruption and introduce uniform syllabus. Imran stressed accountability and said the cases against political leaders were not new. He said the Pakistani bureaucracy was once considered the top one in Asia and people used to come from abroad to study in the country.

“Remember this is the time that Pakistan will change, it is changing before you,” Imran told the rally. He also said none of his relatives or friends held public office under PTI government. Imran will hold a meeting with President Trump today.

Meanwhile, Maryam Nawaz also held a rally in Faisalabad. Thousands of people welcomed her on short notice. But there was no mention of it on TV channels. While the political activity of the overseas Pakistanis is heartening, their enthusiasm for PM Khan inspiring, are they aware that his govt created roadblocks for opposition rally and virtually made the TV channels censor it?

PM Khan assured a Naya Pakistan. Are his fans in North America happy with acts at home that may undermine democracy and even his own government? Are they comfortable if pluralism in the West minimises, hurting their rights?

Will they speak up?


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