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APS Survivor Receives Diana Award For Anti-Radicalization Work

Army Public School survivor Ahmed Nawaz has been honored with the prestigious Diana Award for his humanitarian work. He is the first Pakistani to have ever received the award.

The award was founded to honor the late Princess Diana, and her belief that young people have the potential to change the world. Since 1999, the award has helped highlight the achievements of over 45,000 ordinary youngsters who have made an extraordinary difference in their communities.

After surviving the horrible ordeal now referred to as the APS Peshawar Attack 2014, Ahmed pledged himself to fighting radicalization wherever he could. During his time at the hospital in the UK, he became aware of the radicalization problem prevalent there.  As he heard children were going towards terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. He then decided to go to universities and schools to share his ordeal with young people all over the UK, in attempt to prevent recruitment and the spread of extremist ideology.


“We need to make sure this doesn’t happen ever again…if I could do anything to stop these children (from being radicalized) that would be the best revenge.”



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