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Woman Arrested For Torturing Toddlers During Black Magic Ritual

Police arrested a woman in Lahore after her husband filed an FIR claiming that she tortured their children during a black magic ritual, Dawn News reported.

According to police officials involved with the case, complainant Simon Masih filed the FIR, claiming that his wife burned their two children, a three-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son with a candle, while performing a black magic ritual.

Masih said that his wife had taken the children away to her aunt’s house for a short visit.

On Thursday morning he went to visit them and saw that his three-year-old daughter was tied to a bed, while his two-year-old son had been tied to a sofa, he said. A goat was also tied up between them while the aunt performed a black magic ritual on them, burning them with candles, he added.

Masih said that he had untied his children despite facing resistance and taken them to Mayo Hospital where they were admitted for treatment.the children are in stable condition, Superintendent of Police (SP) Investigation Civil Lines division Asim Iftikhar told the publication.



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