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Veena Malik In A Twitter Tirade Against Maryam Nawaz

Actress Veena Malik is up against Maryam Nawaz as the former called Nawaz “Grand Mother” in one of her tweets. Veena’s comment came in after she negated the “Nihati Larki” (Brave Girl) perception of the daughter of the former prime minister.

The title “Nihati Larki” was originally used by Habib Jalib for former prime minister Benazir Bhutto back in the day when she suffered trial and went to courts along with her children. Ironically the same is now used by PML to refer to their future leader, Maryam Nawaz.

As soon as Malik took a jibe at Nawaz, it soon turned out to be a twitter tirade between PMLN sympathizers, prominent politicians, journalists, celebrities and etc. Where some of them sided with Malik while others questioned how come Veena is so active in Pakistani politics and state of affairs as she was never before.

What turned into a heated debate between Malik and Maryam Nawaz`s aides was rather below the belt criticism from both sides. The trolls included insinuation, character assassination derogatory memes and etc.

Veena`s tweets further included targeting Nawaz on a personal front.


The tirade continued with famous anchor person, Junaid Saleem stepping in to host a poll between the two, Veena Malik and Maryam Nawaz. Saleem`s pole exploring the already charged temperature referred to an electoral battle between the two.

Saleem`s poll turned out in Malik`s favor where she was able to defeat Nawaz by substantial numbers, although this was a twitter poll the social media frenzy took it to a whole new level.

In another tweet, Geo News anchor Wajih Sani was seen as making a rather misogynistic comment which turned out to be against him.

Sani’s tweet was rebuffed by Malik on a rather personal level, which was inappropriate as well however twitter reaction to Sani`s comments sided with Malik.

In the post “Grand Mother” comment, Veena spoke on various other issues including corruption and the arrest of former President Asif Ali Zardari. Veena appears to be anti-opposition however there has been no official response from Nawaz camp.

Another angle to the tirade was commented upon by various social media activist. Ahmer Naqvi, a freelance writer expressed utter dissatisfaction with how Malik`s career had become a center of attention. He was of the view that Veena`s opinion cannot be questioned by derogatory practices.

Although the social media war is very much ongoing, Veena took to Twitter to thank her followers for all the support.

Whatever the circumstances towards the tirade are, it is apparent enough that unwarranted criticism was practiced from both ends, which needs to be avoided in the times to come.

For what its worth Veena is not the only one from the Pakistani entertainment industry active in politics and current affairs. Shaan Shahid, an actor, model, filmmaker, someone who has been associated with the industry for a while now recently came into limelight with some of his tweets.





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