Two Police Constables Gunned Down By Unidentified Assailants In Karachi

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Two Police Constables Gunned Down By Unidentified Assailants In Karachi

Two policemen were killed in a drive-by shooting conducted by four unidentified gunmen. Allah Datta and Rehmat Ali died on their way to the hospital as a result of injuries that proved fatal. The incident took place near Zainab School Noori Chowk, as they made their way towards Mominabad Police Station.

The police collected forensic evidence at the scene of the crime, which included four 9mm bullet casing believed to be used by the gunmen, and blood stained soil. The funeral prayers for the two martyred lawmen were held at the regional police head quarters.

The Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah took notice of the incident and called for the immediate apprehension of the perpetrators. He offered his condolences to the grieving families of the two policemen, and reassured them that they would not be abandoned during this difficult time.

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