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Trump vs. Sadiq Khan, latest twitter debacle

Picture Credits: The Guardian

In his official state visit to the United Kingdom, the president of the United States, Donald Trump was embroiled in controversy yet again. Trump made some remarks to the present London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, minutes before landing in London and meeting dignitaries including her majesty the Queen.

In his tweet, Trump remarked Khan as a “stone cold loser”. He seemed distressed about the fact that Khan has been offensive with him as they have had a rather constrained relationship. It is important to note that Trump – Khan feud dates back to 2015 when both of them were involved in their respective election campaigns.



Followed by the “stone cold looser” comment, Trump also described Khan as very dumb in drawing a comparison between Khan and the Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio. The latter has also sided with Khan in responding to Trump.


Khan, on the other hand, while responding to Trump appeared in a video published by Elle UK. Khan in his video called out Trump and stated, “Your values are the opposite of the values in this country”. Khan had already raised contentions regarding the said state visit where he could not agree with the act of rolling out the red carpet for someone like Donald Trump.


Khan was adamant in explaining what he meant by values including diversity, gender equality, tolerance, acceptability and etc. “We think diversity is not a weakness, diversity is a strength, we respect women and we think they are equal to men, we think it’s important to safeguard the rights of all of us, particularly the vulnerable and the marginalized”, Khan added. Khan has reiterated his stance on such on issues time and again, he has called himself a proud feminist while he was talking to the Lahore press in his visit to Pakistan earlier.

Donald Trump landed in the UK amid protests on the 3rd of June to commemorate his three-day official state visit, he is expected to meet the Queen herself, members of the Royal Family, Theresa May and several other dignitaries.






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