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Trade Unionists Arrested For Organizing Anti-IMF Protest

LAHORE: On Saturday 22nd June, veteran trade unionist Qamar-Uz-Zaman Khan was arrested for organizing a protest against the federal budget that many left leaning individuals claim has been dictated by the IMF. He is Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign’s General Secretary, and also a local leader of the Pakistan People’s Party.

A report in the Asian Marxist Review stated that at first the friends and family of the trade unionist assumed that he had been abducted, as many activists often are in Pakistan. After a coordinated campaign on social media and protests outside police stations in Sadiqabad, the police admitted to have him under custody.

As some of the policies outlined in this years financial budget will adversely effect the countries most poorest individuals, protests were held by various left leaning groups all over the country, one was even held in Lahore in front of the provincial assembly.

After the peaceful protest in Sadiqabad, we learnt that the veteran trade unionist was abducted on trumped up charges of disrupting the law and order situation in the area.


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