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Tender Issued For Construction Of Cages For Parrots At President House

The Capital Development Authority issued a tender notice for Construction of New Cages for Parrot (Macau) at Zoo Area Aiwan-Sadr, Islamabad. The tender has an NIT (Notice Inviting Tender) cost of Rs 1,948,000. The tender further includes Earnest Money of Rs 585,000, tender cost of Rs 1000 while the date and time of receiving of the tender are on the 28th of June at 11:30 AM.


The tender included further instructions including essential percentages, transactional instructions, requirements from suppliers, etc.

President House Zoo

According to reports, back in the day, President Asif Ali Zardari ordered a mini zoo to be constructed at President House. As published by Pakistan Today earlier, zoo animals include shinkara, pheasants and other birds such as grey parrots and pigeons. A similar Zoo exists at Prime Minister House with few peacocks, as per reports.

After the tender notice spread on social media, several journalists have already raised questions over government’s austerity claims.


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