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Silencing Najam Sethi Is Yet Another Act Of Censorship

Senior journalist and anchorperson Najam Sethi’s show on Channel 24 has been taken off air reportedly after the channel was warned against airing it. The documents available with Naya Daur reveal that the action was taken after Sethi’s comments about PM Imran Khan on a number of matters including rumors of a rift between the PM and his wife Bushra Bibi which Sethi discussed on his show in April.

A different notice was served on Channel 24 by PEMRA over the episode where Sethi discusses a matter pertaining to Imran Khan and National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The notice, that dismissed the analysis as ‘phony’ and ‘baseless’, raises question as to whether the PM is above criticism.

The legal notice for defamation served on Najam Sethi by Prime Minister Imran Khan for suggesting that the PM and his wife are contemplating divorce.



The show cause notice issued to Channel 24’s administration by PEMRA over Najam Sethi’s comments pertaining to Imran Khan and the NAB, calling them ‘baseless’ and ‘unfounded’.




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