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Ready To Face Courts, Have Never Feared Arrests, Says Bilawal

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In a presser after his father’s arrest, Bilawal said that the current situation is even worse than dictatorial regimes. He asked the PPP workers to remain calm and reaffirmed his faith in the judicial process.

In a rather surprise move, he demanded immediate resignation from the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of National Assembly. He had already expressed his contentions when two MNA`s of PTM was arrested earlier. Regarding the National Assembly session for today, he expressed his severe disregard for not being allowed to speak for the second time.

“I condemn the attitude of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan and I demand that both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker to resign, they are not part and are acting as an extension of the government,” said Bilawal while addressing reporters.

“When the former interior minister passes a chit to the Deputy Speaker, he acts accordingly” Bilawal added

He quoted a series of events starting right from Agha Siraj Durrani`s arrest. He maintained his stance of how the PPP was not granted the right to a fair trial in the past and the present scenario looks somewhat similar.

Bilawal`s sister Aseefa took to twitter expressing support for his father.

In earlier tweets, Bilawal expressed his regard for his sister while accompanying their father to court.

In expressing his contentions regarding freedom of expression in the current state of affairs, Bilawal questioned how is Imran Khan different from dictators of the past including Ayub Khan, Musharaff and etc.

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Bilawal’s appeal to a fair trial comes in with a humanitarian argument, he repeatedly quoted judicial misdemeanors in the past and how PPP was able to sustain them.

Commenting on the arrest itself Bilawal said that NAB had no arrest orders before they reached Zardari House today.

Pakistan People`s Party will never compromise on the 18th amendment, the parliamentary system, and democracy,” Bilawal replied to one of the reporters.


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