PM Imran To Attend Khan–Goyat Fight In Saudia Arabia

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PM Imran To Attend Khan–Goyat Fight In Saudia Arabia

Image Source: Getty Images/ North America/ AFP

The British Pakistani boxer, Amir Khan is all set to fight Indian boxer, Neeraj Goyat at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah on 12 July. According to Khan, the Pakistani prime minister will be flying in to watch the fight.

Imran, who himself has been a cricketer has repeatedly admired sporting events during his time as a politician. “The prime minister of Pakistan [Imran Khan] will be attending which is huge. It would be amazing if we can get the Prime Minister of England as well. I’m a British Pakistani and it’s great to have that backing from Pakistan,” Khan told London reporters on Thursday as quoted by Express Tribune.

Western media, on the other hand, has raised concerns for Khan fighting in the Kingdom amid human rights violations, etc. Khan added that he does not regret fighting in Saudia Arabia, as the infamous boxer has repeatedly been to Saudia Arabia for pilgrimage purposes.

Khan believes that times are changing for Saudia Arabia; they have had concerts, the women are driving, etc. Khan perceives it as a changed country.

The prize money is set to be $3 million, far more than what Khan had against Crowford. Khan admits that he is a prizefighter and the prize money weighs in on his decision to fight.

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