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Petition In IHC Filed Against Pakistan Cricket Team Over ‘Disgraceful’ Defeat

ISLAMABAD: A petition was filed in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) against the disappointing performance by the national team in the World Cup match against India.

Filed by Advocate Bilal Farooq, the petition says that the national cricket board should be held accountable through the courts ‘owing to its present-day precarious operations is causing shame, disrepute and dishonour to the citizens of Pakistan’. It blamed ‘politicking and nepotism’ as one of the reasons behind the poor performance and selection of the team.

The respondents of the petition include the Prime Minister, Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, the Pakistan Cricket Board and the selection committee of the PCB. The petition asked the court to call on Shoaib Akhtar, Rashid Latif and Muhammad Waseem for the assistance of the court in its proceedings. It pointed out Shoaib Malik as a member of the team who has consistently played a role in ‘politicking and grouping’ within the team.

“One player namely Shoaib Malik has previously been found guilty of this. It is for the respondents to answer as to why and how a player of such credentials and such mediocre cricketing skills is still part of the team”.

The petition, although very harsh, does seem to be in line with the opinions of many cricket fans, who were greatly disappointed by the team’s recent loss against India, while others feel that we shouldn’t discourage the team while it has yet to face other teams in the weeks to come.


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