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PEMRA Advises TV Channels Against Airing Content That Demeans Personalities Associated With Political Parties And Law Enforcement Agencies

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) has advised the TV channels to refrain from airing any content which is demeaning, creates hatred against individual or mocks any personality associated with any political party or law enforcement agency.

“Channel management must be careful in selection of words and gestures while creating content or memes. Furthermore, an effective In-House Editorial Committee must also be constituted in order to ensure compliance of PEMRA laws which could sift unwarranted content,” it added.

These directives were issued through a notification dated June 12, 2019, which cited “an increasing trend of demeaning individuals representing political parties and law enforcement agencies caricatures, animated characters, photo-shopped images and funny memes”.

It said the PEMRA had been receiving numerous complaints, as such content was agonising public sentiments due to demeaning the country’s leadership.

According to the PEMRA, this practice is “denigrating” the country’s leadership and “tarnishing their impression nationally and internationally”.

It said airing such content was a violation of Section 20 (f) of PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA Amended Act 2007 and other related laws.


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