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Pakistanis Troll Shaan Shahid On Twitter With All Their Fake Salah Al-Din Ayyubi Quotes

It was two days ago when actor Shaan Shahid tweeted a photo which was supposed to be a quote by Salah al-Din Ayyubi popularly known as Saladin in the west.

But apparently, Saladin had never said this. The quote is loosely attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero, a statesman from ancient empire of Rome. Some asked Shaan to quote a reference or a book, precisely any form of text to corroborate the quote. Shaan was of the view that his tweet had been taken in a wrong context. He, later on, admitted that the quote in question was of an American general.

When asked which American General it was, Shaan Shahid retracted his statement.

This resulted in a flood of memes and quotes that were made up in the name of Saladin just to troll Shaan Shahid for his incorrect attribution.

This particular tweet was to criticise the incumbent government’s economic policies.


In another tweet, the actor was mocked for using Saladin’s name. “There will be a time when Lollywood’s Shaan will attribute statements to me on social media. I deny all those statements in advance”, it read.

Apart from memes, some users indulged in a rather academic argument to whether such a tweet was needed at this point in time. Dr Kirmani, a Sociology professor from the Lahore University of Management Sciences questioned the basis for Shaan’s tweet while others tried to correct his attribution to Saladin. She was of the view that the tweet in question might lead to incitement to violence in the current context. Shaan termed the comment a conspiracy theory.

Here’s where the quote probably originated from.


It was seen that the majority of the trolls just used Shaan’s tweet to comment on various other subjects from Shaan’s previous quotes or associations.

One of the comments in the twitter thread in question was made by Qurratulain Zaman. She referred to Shaan`s father who struggled for a progressive Pakistani Cinema back in the 70s. Riaz Shahid, who was known as a socialist filmmaker was often accused of treason by the establishment.


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