Pakistan, Sri Lanka Receive A Point Each As Game Washed Out By Rain. Same As 92

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Pakistan, Sri Lanka Receive A Point Each As Game Washed Out By Rain. Same As 92

As rain washes out the game at Bristol, England, today’s game between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has succumbed to single points each. Both the teams equal in terms of the record of accomplishment with single wins out of their two matches in the world cup.

Cricket experts had termed the match extremely important for Pakistan, as Siri Lanka seemed to be a relatively easier opponent than the next two games with Australia and India. Fans and former cricketers had been eagerly waiting for the game to begin.

Meanwhile many in Pakistan continue to draw lines around the 1992 world cup where Pakistan won under Imran Khan’s captaincy. Back in 1992, Pakistan had lost their game against West Indies and there was a draw game against England after the entire team being cleaned up for 74 runs.

Pertaining to the same format as it was in 1992, a league format, Pakistan had a match drawn against England where Pakistan was able to secure a point out of a game that was considered a lost cause by the end of the first innings. This draw came in after Pakistan lost the first match, won the second and was about to lose the match that was subjected to rain.

Pakistan, as usual, has been a completely unpredictable side when it comes to cricketing tournaments as opposed to Sri Lanka who have been on the low for quite a while now. Although the green team was the favourite for today’s match after defeating England in their last match, fans still wanted them to plan accordingly for the game.

There was anticipation that the game might be reduced to twenty overs each. However, after taking a thorough look at the weather conditions, it was called off and both teams were awarded one point each.

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