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Pakistan Is Neither Egypt Nor Will We Allow Making Nawaz Sharif A Morsi: Maryam

It [Pakistan] is neither Egypt nor would they allow making Nawaz Sharif a Morsi, said PML-N Maryam Nawaz who added that the “Charter of Economy” was actually a “Joke of Economy”.

She said Charter of Economy should not be signed with those who had destroyed economy, as the growth had shrunk to 3 per cent from the level of 6 per cent during their rule.

The commission formed to probe into the loans should not be limited to the period 2008-18 and it must investigate the matter from 1999 to 2019, including grants and the Coalition Support Fund, said the PML-N leader.

Maryam warned that everyone would be responsible if something happened to Nawaz who had been punished for raising the slogan of civilian supremacy.

The PML-N leader said not some persons but the entire institutions would have to answer for the decisions made by the incompetent prime minister.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, she blasted the PTI government and said they [the PTI] were still afraid of Nawaz Sharif’s power and incompetent Imran must understand that he had been defeated.

She said the doctors had made it clear that it was a very serious case and Nawaz must get treatment from those who had treated him earlier. Why a daughter shouldn’t fight the case of her father, Maryam questioned.

The PML-N leader said Nawaz had experienced cardiac arrest for the third time while he was in the Adiala jail, but his family members were not informed about it.

At that time, the personal doctor of Nawaz was summoned from Lahore and he advised that the former prime minister must be shifted to some other hospital, Maryam said while sharing details which had not been shared with the public earlier.

She added that it was personal doctor who had told her about the heart attack.

Maryam said she was not seeking relief from a bogus government, as how a dependent person could provide relief to someone.

Maryam, who is PML-N vice-president, said Nawaz had stated that he was bearing imprisonment for the people. No corruption was proven against the PML-N supremo, she said, adding that the incompetent Imran had failed and Nawaz Sharif was successful.

Recalling that her father a bypass when he was the prime minister, she said he needed another one and one of his arteries was closed 90 per cent.


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