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Number Of Facebook Users Drop Considerably After Cambridge Analytica Scandal

According to the business analytics firm Mix Panel, ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out, usage has dropped significantly. The month after the scandal was made public, usage dropped by almost 20%. Other reports show that nearly 15 million users in the US stopped using Facebook since 2017.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal surfaced in early 2018, where it was revealed that the firm had been harvesting personal data from millions of users without their consent, for political advertising purposes. The event was covered by several news media organizations such as the Guardian and the Intercept.

Facebook refused to comment aside from the fact that they are looking into the matter. The story came out after a former Cambridge Analytica employee informed on the illegal practices in a piece by The Observer. After the firm threatened legal action against The Observer and The Guardian, they approached other publications and decided to publish their reports simultaneously in March 2018.

As Facebook’s shares dropped significantly, politicians in the UK and the US demanded answers. The scandal not only sparked global debate, but also led Mark Zukerburg to testify in front of congress. He refused to appear infront of UK MPs.

In the wake of the drop in users and market value, Mark Zukerburg announced an increase in costs tied to improving security.In an attempt to reassure users and investors, he said: “Looking ahead, we will continue to invest heavily in security and privacy because we have a responsibility to keep people safe.”


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