My Poor Experience With Standard Chartered Bank In Pakistan

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My Poor Experience With Standard Chartered Bank In Pakistan

I want to share a certain experience of mine with Standard Chartered Bank. For personal reasons, I decided a few days ago to permanently remove online banking from my Standard Chartered accounts. A couple of days ago, I deactivated my online banking with Faysal Bank through their website. I have called the Standard Chartered Bank a few times since yesterday to permanently deactivate my online banking with them but I am getting less than satisfactory responses from their UAN helpline.

On one hand, the representatives at the helpline say that my online banking is deactivated (giving some contradictory statements between different calls) and on the other, they were also trying to tell me how to re-activate it, if I wanted to. I did not want to hear those options and I told them so as I do not intend to ever activate my online banking again.

Today, I contacted the Standard Chartered Bank via the Facebook messenger and they told me that once online banking ID is permanently deactivated, it can never be used again. If this is the case, then why was the helpline representative trying to give me options to re-activate it?

There is contradiction between the written word and the spoken one. Also, they are using the term “suspension” rather than permanent deactivation. But that might be some banking technical term, I am told.

I want to bring it on the record that in case online banking option is ever misused for my Standard Chartered Bank accounts in the future, the Standard Chartered Bank should be solely considered responsible for it. I have repeatedly asked the Standard Chartered Bank through the Facebook Messenger to send me confirmation in writing (either through the Facebook Messenger or through registered email) that my Standard Chartered Bank online banking is permanently deactivated and it can never be reactivate again. They have refused to share the written confirmation.

I do not fully trust their helpline, as in the past I have made requests through the helpline and they confirmed it to me that they had processed my requests but that never happened. Recorded calls can be manipulated, we all know.

On June 7 and 8, I have also sent requests to them to change my phone number and email for the Standard Chartered Bank accounts and replace them with my husband’s phone number and email, as these are joint accounts. Let’s see if they do it.

I am writing in the press as a precaution and there is no need to worry about it beyond it. I also do not have online, phone or card banking with British Bank, though British Bank has given me grief in other ways. I had similar issues with my British Bank last year when I wanted to deactivate my debit card and phone banking with them. They took an unnecessarily long time and several attempts to finally comply with the request.

So this issue is not Pakistan-specific as I have also experienced the same with the British Bank and now a foreign bank based in Pakistan.

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