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KP ‘Cat Filter Minister’ Gets Mentioned On Stephen Colbert’s Show

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Pictures from a press conference of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa’s Minister of Information Shoukat Yousufzai became viral after the person streaming it live on Facebook, accidentally activated the cat filter. The pictures have been subject of much hilarity, with people sharing the images of Yousufzai and his fellow ministers sporting cat ears and whiskers on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Now it seems local sensation has become international with the famous late night talkshow host, Stephen Colbert, mentioning the faux pas on his show.

“This member of the Pakistani government accidentally live-streamed his press briefing with the cat filter on,” the comic said in a segment on his popular show, ‘The Late Show On Stephen Colbert’.

“I’m calling for a national ban on dogs!” Colbert said while pretending to be Yousafzai. I like it and I think a lot more people would watch the Democratic debates if they used a filter or two,” the latenight host added.

We agree with Stephen as it will be a fun way to liven up the upcoming Democratic primary debates.




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