ECP postpones election in tribal districts for 18 days

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ECP postpones election in tribal districts for 18 days

Islamabad: The election commission of Pakistan (ECP) postpones the election in tribal districts for 18 days. The development came in after  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tribal affairs department wrote a letter to ECP for delaying the election in tribal districts due to unrest and administrative weakness on Wednesday.

According to the election commission of Pakistan, the election in tribal districts has been postponed on 16 seats for the KP assembly for 18 days while the new date for the election is 20th July.

It’s pertained to mentioned here that after the merger of FATA it’s the 1st ever election in the constitutional history of Pakistan which will be held for KP assembly in tribal districts.

The Tribal affairs department in its letter argues that the security landscape in tribal districts is volatile as well the local security forces are not trained enough to fulfill their duties professionally for the upcoming elections.

Candidates from political parties as well independents have submitted their nomination papers to the election commission for the upcoming electoral battle in tribal districts.

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