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KMC Clears Cabins Of Welfare Centres Including Edhi, Saylani, Chhipa And Others

Karachi: As Part of its anti-encroachment drive, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has initiated a campaign against welfare cabins which have been situated alongside the city’s main roads and densely populated urban centres.

Human rights activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir took to Twitter protesting KMC’s action.

Nasir was of the view that these welfare centres are not here for commercial purposes. In fact, they facilitate the people of Karachi and have been doing so for decades.

“Edhi’s ambulance network already affected. There is no sense of how to govern”, Nasir added.

In a conversation with Independent Urdu regarding the recent demolishing drives, Faisal Edhi explained the repercussions the organisation might face. According to Edhi, the organisation’s ambulance system has already been affected. In a question pertaining to possibilities behind such an action, Edhi admitted that since KCR anti-encroachment campaign, which took place back in Ramadan, Edhi has been assisting the aggrieved families.

“We are trying to mobilise and unite them”, Edhi added in the interview.

Others termed the anti-encroachment campaign as selective to target an esteemed organisation like Edhi.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in a series of tweets grilled ruling party for its dismal record when it comes to such drives.

“I’ve demanded Sindh Govt pass legislation mandating relocation, rehabilitation & compensation take place BEFORE any eviction. Also to explore all legislative options to protect to protect Karachi’s poor & vulnerable. To protect Karachi’s cultural & historical heritage. It’s living heritage. Will also be stepping up work with all stake holders on a feasible, practical & progressive master plan for Sindh’s capital”, Bhutto added.


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