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Journalist Organizations Demand Reinstatement Of Ejaz Butt

Image Source: Journalism Pakistan

Various media rights activist, journalist unions, etc have demanded the reinstatement of Ejaz Butt at Jehan Pakistan. Butt, who was performing his duties as a chief reporter, was terminated following a complaint from Governor Punjab’s office.

Journalism Pakistan quoted Butt’s colleagues as saying that Butt was at an Iftar event at Governor House, Lahore where his phone was stolen. The issue was brought to the governor’s notice and law enforcement authorities were tasked to trace the lost cell phone.

Butt, on the other hand, exercising his due right to file a complaint reported the incident on 15, police helpline. As soon as Butt reported the theft, a local news channel aired the story which was not appreciated by the Governor’s staff.

Upon Governor House House staff’s complaint Ejaz was ousted without a prior show cause notice from Jehan Pakistan. Butt says that he had withdrawn his complaint the next day as a goodwill gesture and still awaited reinstatement.


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