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Istanbul Mayoral Re-Run, Erdogan Suffers A Blow

ISTANBUL: After a re-run of Istanbul mayoral polls, the ruling AK Party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suffered a huge blow as Istanbul falls into the hands of the opposition.

It was back in March 2019 when the ruling party alleged irregularities in the election. AKP’s defeat will end its rule in the city of Istanbul for almost 25 years.

The election in question was between former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim of AKP and Ekrem Imamoglu from the opposition. Imamoglu who hails from the Republican People’s Party said that these results mark a ‘new beginning’ for the city and the country.

“We are opening up a new page in Istanbul,” the mayor-elect added. “On this new page, there will be justice, equality, love.”

As per the ballot count, Imamoglu stands at a lead of 77,500 votes compared to a 13,000 votes lead in the past. Political pundits privy to Turkish politics term Erdogan’s re-run move as a miscalculation.

President Erdogan took to Twitter congratulating Imamoglu,

“I congratulate Ekrem Imamoglu who has won the election based on preliminary results.”

Erdogan is by far the most successful Turkish politician and the recent AKP loss might invoke a debate within AKP regarding his leadership.

According to BBC Correspondent, Mark Lowen, the opposition has waited for years to win Istanbul and now that they have secured a victory, they finally have chalked out a plan to counter Erdogan.

As there was widespread jubilation on the streets, Immaoglu supporters took to Twitter expressing joy over their victory.


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