Islamabad Zoo Officials Admit Inability Towards Animal Care Amid Lack Of Funds

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Islamabad Zoo Officials Admit Inability Towards Animal Care Amid Lack Of Funds

Islamabad: Officials of the Islamabad Zoo also known as the Marghzar Zoo admitted that they lack the necessary funds and equipment to exercise due care of animals.

The admission came in a court hearing pertaining to Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) against the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC). The case in question reflects the poor conditions of the zoo.

According to the Express Tribune, the case, in particular, highlighted the appalling conditions of marsh crocodiles in the vicinity of the Zoo. The bench headed by Chief Justice Athar Minallah directed Zoo authorities to take necessary measures to upscale conditions of the zoo.

With regards to marsh crocodiles, the wildlife board argued that the said crocodile should be shifted to a natural habitat. Zoo officials, on the other hand, presented a counter-argument citing no major survival threats to the crocodile.

The Zoo`s Deputy Director conceded in front of the court that they are unable to look after the crocodile in particular and other zoo inhabitants due to lack of funds.

The court directed the Climate Change Ministry to hold a meeting with representatives of WWF-Pakistan, IWMB and the Marghzar Zoo director within three days. The meeting should work out on necessary measures to improve the living conditions for the said crocodile who according to Wildlife board is living in deplorable conditions.

It is pertained to mention here that dozens of animals and birds have died within the vicinity of Islamabad Zoo in the past years. The Zoo is looked after by the Capital Development Authority and Metropolitan authorities.

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