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Iran to Europe: Normalise Economic Ties or Face Consequences

Iran on Sunday said that Europe was not in a position to criticise Tehran for its military capabilities, and called on European leaders to normalise economic ties with the Islamic Republic despite US sanctions or face consequences.

“Europeans are not in a position to criticise Iran for issues outside the JCPOA [joint Comprehensive Plan of Action],” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was quoted as saying by the state broadcaster, using the acronym for the nuclear deal.

“The Europeans and other signatories of the JCPOA should normalise economic ties with Iran … We will halt our commitments or will take action in accordance to their measures.”

“The US’ misuse of its economic arm will rebound on itself. Russia and China have recently decided to ditch dollar in their trade transactions, and other countries will gradually do the same. If this happens, the US will lose a great deal of its economic power,” Zarif said.

“The US moves are the result of its own mistakes and bad decisions in the region. It wasn’t us who sided with ISIL, the al-Nusra Front and the aggressors in Yemen.” he said.

Iran last month stopped some commitments under the nuclear deal and warned that in 60 days it would scale back more commitments if Europeans fail to shield it against the US sanctions.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will visit Iran this week, during which he will explore options for preserving the fraying nuclear non-proliferation pact.

Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday also criticised French President Emmanuel Macron for saying last week in a meeting with Trump that they shared the same objectives on Iran.

Macron said France wanted to make sure Tehran will not get nuclear weapons: “We had an accord until 2025 and we want to go further and have full certainty in the long run … (Then) reduce ballistic activity and contain Iran regionally.”

“The recent remarks by the French president in a meeting with Trump were shameful and inept,” Larijani was quoted as saying by Fars news agency.

Larijani went on to add that such remarks were expected from someone like Trump, but hearing them from Macron was a surprise as they had nothing in common with what the French president had said in his various in-person meetings or telephone conversations with Iranian President Rouhani.

“Apparently, [Macron] talks in a way to please whomever he is talking to,” Larijani added.

He went on to call on the French president to deal with the problems of his own country instead of lecturing other countries on theirs.


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