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Internet Down Globally, Pakistan Among Regions Effected

Users all over the world including Pakistan claimed having trouble with their internet connections, there a few working theories on why this happened.


Global Internet Outage

According to various international organizations that manage and provide updates on the status of websites and service providers such as Verizon, Amazon, Google etc, the parts of the internet we’re facing some technical difficulties.

According to CloudFlare, a route leak by Virizon led to most of the problems felt all over the world.

A blog on their website states that this was ‘the equivalent of routing an entire freeway down a neighborhood street’

This resulted in many websites on CloudFlare and many other providers to be unavailable. The company’s blog further states that the leak should have stopped at Verizon, however insufficient filtering on Verizons end turned this into a major incident, that affected many internet services such as Amazon, Linode and Cloudflare.

. During the incident they faced a loss of about 15% of their global traffic.

To understand this dilemma one must first understand Cloudflare is. Cloudflare is a service that protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of their network, Cloudflare claims to optimize the delivery of web pages so visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. Their presence on the internet is massive, and is perhaps the reason why so many sites went down. They recently provided an update on the matter and said that the issue has now been resolved.

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After most users regained normal access, some resorted to humor to cope with the outage.


Pakistan Specific Problems

In Pakistan PTCL claimed it was facing problems of its own.

Their optic fiber has been facing some glitches, resulting in many clients all over the country to face problems. 

According to their most recent press release, they have begun mobilizing all of their resources to resolve the issue, and claim that services have been restored in many regions.




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