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“I Went Thrice To Kaaba Cried And Asked For Forgiveness”: Veena Malik

Veena Malik has been quite active on Twitter lately. After her tirade against Maryam Nawaz, she got herself involved in a battle of tweets with Tennis star Sania Mirza.

In her later tweets, Malik tried to explain her transition in a response to critics who bring up her controversial past.

“I went to the Kaabah thrice and cried and asked for forgiveness. I have changed and evolved and the world has transitioned as well.”

The actor emphasised on her dressing change and how she has changed and evolved over the past.

In response to her controversial magazine image which was also brought up by Sania Mirza in their recent spat, although Mirza deleted the tweet later, the actor replied with how the image in question was ‘morphed’.

“They [people] think I am an easy pick. Character assassination is easy. Or that they can bring up my past to shut me up and pull me down. But let me tell you, that’s not happening. I’ll always bounce back. Our society needs to have more acceptance.”

The response to Malik’s tweets was mixed where some sided with her or believed her for that matter while others criticised her.

“Just because you think I am controversial doesn’t mean I am wrong. No. I can be as opinionated as any other human being and I can be right too. I am heartbroken and hurt. Please leave the past behind and move forward.”


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