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Group Of Italian And Local Climbers Rescued By Pakistani Military From Hindu-Kush

In Pakistan a rescue operation led by the Pakistani Military rescued six mountain climbers on Tuesday. The operation took four hours to bring the climbers down, after an avalanche trapped them near the summit of the 5,800-meter Lions Melvin Jones Peak. A local guide that was accompanying them died immediately, while the others; four Italians and two Pakistanis, sustained minor injuries.

The area in which the expedition took place is a less popular destination for climbers compared to the Himalayas. Unnamed and relatively unexplored mountains of the Hindu-Kush are known to be home to unexpected weather conditions, avalanches are considered to be a common occurrence.

The climbers had documented their journey on social media up till the unfortunate incident. The videos included heartwarming scenes of the climbers having snow ball fights and scaling various slabs of rock. The guide who passed away warned the others about the dangers of altitude sickness. As the group approached the summit, Mr Bello acknowledged the constant snowfall, and shot a few videos in which he stressed the importance of waiting for the right whether conditions. “Hopefully all goes well. Inshallah.” Unfortunately, it did not.


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