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Dolphin Squad Shoots Another Citizen in Lahore

The ‘Elite’ Dolphin Squad yet again became the center of attention for the wrong reasons. A civilian was shot on his way to a medical store in Lahore. After the unfortunate incident took place the officers instead of taking the severely injured man to the hospital, took him to a station for ‘interrogation’ with the intention to force a false confession. As his condition worsened the officers then took him to a private hospital which refused to treat him, and eventually he was taken to Services Hospital. The victim, Umar Raza, claimed that he was beaten and verbally abused during his interrogation.

This is not an isolated incident, in May officers of the Dolphin Force 129 were accused of fatally wounding an innocent christian woman in Nishtar Colony Lahore, and last year a mentally challenged individual was shot and killed as well. An FIR was logged against the officers involved in the Nishtar Colony incident, after the grieving family’s plea for justice. They also claim that  they had been harassed and threatened by members of the police force in an attempt to prevent further investigation. In the aftermath of this recent incident the DIG Operations Lahore Asfaq Khan assured the victim, his family and the public that justice would be served, and those involved will be punished. The Dolphin force was intended to improve the response time and patrolling capabilities of the existing Punjab Police force, but in light of such reoccurring neglectful and at times criminal incidents on their behalf, has failed to live up to expectations. Despite a substantial financial budget and foreign training, the force seems to display signs of unprofessional-ism and recklessness.


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