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Construction Of Daycare Centre In Balochistan Approved After Lawmaker’s Campaign

In a first, Chief Minister Jam Kamal has given the go ahead for a daycare centre to be constructed in the assembly, the Balochistan government spokesperson stated.

The issue for the need of a daycare centre for female parliamentarians was brought up when MPA Mahjabeen Sheran was asked to leave the assembly for bringing her child.

On May 8, Mahjabeen brought her infant child to the assembly session, but she was asked to leave the hall on grounds that the rules prohibit lawmakers from bringing their children to the assembly. A number of MPAs also objected to her child’s presence and she eventually left the assembly, teary eyed.

“I usually leave my child at home with a relative, but he was unwell and no one was at home to attend to him so I had no option but to take him with me. I could not leave my ailing child alone and I did not want to miss the assembly session either”, she told Naya Daur.

Following the incident, the lawmaker held meetings with the chief minister as well as the assembly secretary, and pushed them to make arrangements for establishing daycare centres in the assembly.

Balochistan will be the first province to have a daycare at the assembly. However, the Parliament House in Islamabad already has a daycare centre on its premises.





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