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Around 18,000 Public School Teachers in Punjab to receive Transfer Orders on Their Mobile Phones Through eTransfer System

Punjab Minister for School Education Murad Raas on Saturday said electronic transfer orders with QR-codes had been automatically generated via the eTransfer system for around 18,000 applicants after detailed document verification of successful applicants by district education authorities.

Raas said eTransfer system was a transformative initiative to tackle process inefficiencies associated with the outdated, overburdened, and unsustainable traditional mechanisms that were delay-prone, and highly dependent on officials.

Addressing a news briefing at Arfa Software Technology Park, he said the response to the eTransfer system had been overwhelming. A total of 32,231 applicants applied for within-district transfers this year, contesting for 20,162 posts.

He said the School Education Department had just completed the within-district phase of teacher transfers 2019 and teachers will receive a copy of their transfer orders on their mobile phones.

The eTransfer system developed in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) also has built-in checks that encourage teachers to apply for posts where there are teacher shortages, and inhibits transfers to public schools that have surplus teachers – based on student-teacher ratios. Teachers have online access to individual transfer applications, score calculation formula, wait-lists, sanctioned posts at each school, as well as designation/post-based transfer eligibility.


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