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AQ Khan Reveals New Information About Egypt’s Former President Morsi

Days after former President Morsi’s death, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistani nuclear scientist, has revealed new information about the deceased. Dr Khan’s revelation was regarding the Egyptian military coup back in 2013.

In a Facebook post, Dr Khan claimed that Morsi had played an integral role in Egypt’s nuclear power program. According to Dr Khan,

“President Morsi traveled to Russia, India, and Pakistan, but many do not know that he agreed with the Russians to re-operate an Egyptian nuclear reactor enriched with uranium that would generate electricity. He also agreed to establish another reactor that Egypt would receive three years later, for the same purpose.”

“It would have been better for me not to speak about Egyptian affairs,” Khan added further, “but the Egyptian people need to know the truth in order to decide the fate of President Morsi.”

As per Khan’s statement, if Morsi would have been successful in his efforts to build Egypt’s own nuclear reactor, it would have solved Egypt’s power crisis once and for all.

Khan continued with his revelations. “Do the Egyptians know that the results of this visit have been the most frightening to the West? Egypt would have solved the electricity problem in the country forever, as well as exported enough electricity to light the continent of Africa.”

He further asserted that “The Egyptians should know that during the rule of President Morsi, Egypt received two German submarines. Israel had pressured Germany to prevent Egypt from gaining possession of such submarines, which are capable of hitting an aircraft carrier if Egypt has the right missiles”.

Khan further revealed that Morsi was close to own an Egyptian military satellite which could be used for surveillance over Israel. He had also struck a missile deal with Russian President Vladimir Puttin.


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