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Appointment of Sister in NACTA: Zartaj Gul Withdraws Letter and Shifts Responsibility, but Requisition is Still Intact

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As the issue of Federal Minister Zartaj Gul’s sister remains in news, the Ministry of Climate Change on Sunday said that the letter dated February 27, 2019 regarding the appointment on deputation in NACTA had been withdrawn.

Addressing the interior secretary, a letter issued by the Ministry of Climate Change said “since the matter [appointment of Shabnam Gul] has been taken out of context”, he should probe the matter t o find if there was any illegality or irregularity. The findings should be made public and requisition of Shabnam withdrawn in case of any illegality or irregularity, it adds.

But it seems to be a public relations exercise, as the letter is withdrawn, not the requisition. The federal minister has seemingly shifted the responsibility onto the interior ministry/secretary, suggesting that the requisition might be withdrawn in case of irregularity committed.

The question is how the interior secretary could admit that any irregularity has been committed, as the admission may in itself attract proceedings under the Government Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules.

Meanwhile, the letter also says that Zartaj Gul “has clarified that the applicant [her sister] is an independent woman having credentials commensurate with the said job”.

The move came as the special assistant to the PM, Naeem-ul-Haque, earlier in the day tweeted that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed Zartaj Gul to withdraw the letter written to NACTA regarding the appointment of her sister, Shabnam Gul.

Imran Has Asked Zartaj to Withdraw the Letter Written to NACTA for Appointment of Her Sister: Naeem


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