Afghan Peace Conference 'Lahore Process' Begins In Murree

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Afghan Peace Conference ‘Lahore Process’ Begins In Murree

Bhurban: The inaugural edition of ‘Lahore Process’ begins today in Bhurbhan, Murree. Foreign minister Qureshi is will address the attendees of the conference.

As per reports, the conference attendees include political heavyweights from both Pakistan and Afghanistan. The attendees include Gulbaddin Hikmatyar, Afghan Aman Jirga chief, Karim Khalili, and Uzbek leader Rashid Dostum. Apart from political representatives, think tank personnel, diplomats, security experts, and academics will be attending the peace conference.

The ‘Lahore Process’ is aimed at enhancing people to people interaction amongst both countries. The process further aims to discuss the Afghan peace process in a detailed manner.

The event is being termed as a confidence-building measure to improve ties amongst both countries. A wide range of subjects includes economy, health, connectivity, trade and most importantly repatriation of Afghan refugees.

The conference is quite significant in terms of bilateral relations between the two countries. However, what further entails its significance is Ashraf Ghani`s visit to Pakistan. The conference is taking place prior to Ghani`s visit.

The President of Pakistan, Dr. Alvi is set to host a banquet in honour of the ‘Lahore Process’ delegates while the same will be calling upon the Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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