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43% Of India’s Lok Sabha Members Have Criminal Record, Pakistan’s National Assembly Has 10%

Around 43 per cent – 233 out 543 – of India’s Lok Sabha members – have criminal record against 10 per cent in Pakistan, while the Indian Lower House of Parliament also has illiterates but isn’t the case in our country.

The current Lok Sabha comprises most members with criminal record in India’s history. In 2004, it was 24 per cent and 30 per cent in 2009, clearly showing that the percentage of such members on the rise.

A report published in The News, which cited various sources, says the ruling BJP tops the list of the members having criminal record with 116 (33 per cent) followed by 29 (57 per cent) and Janata Dal-United 13 (81).

In Pakistan, it is PTI which occupies the top position with 18 (11.5 per cent), PML-N 9 (11 per cent) and PPP 5 (9 per cent).

The charges against the Indian lawmakers include murder, sectarianism, kidnapping and violence against women.

When it comes to illiteracy, although India has illiterate members against none in Pakistan, it has 6 per cent PhD members while this figure in our case is only 1 per cent.

On the other hand, 46 per cent National Assembly members in Pakistan are from land owning classes and 39.6 per cent are businessmen. These figures for India are 27 per cent and 20 per cent, which also has greater percentage of doctors and lawyers in Lok Sabha than Pakistan’s National Assembly.

Meanwhile, India has 3 per cent members with arts and culture as their background, while we in Pakistan have none.  


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