Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Previous Generations

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Why Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Previous Generations

The older generation generally thinks that it is easier for millennials to date because of the technological advance, but that’s not true.

According to an article in Quartz, millennials are dating less, are slower to marry and less likely be in long-term relationships, resulting in less sex.

But why?

The reason is simple. Relationships are often risky and millennials, it turns out are more risk averse than the previous generations and the level of entertainment at home has improved.

When TV was boring and video games were rudimentary, you had to go out into the real world for the best entertainment and stimulation, both good and bad. No longer. Now everyone can live what feels like an entertaining life without taking the risk of leaving the house. Binging prestige television shows or playing immersive video games is almost guaranteed to be a pleasant evening—Tinder offers no such promises.

Some speculate (paywall) that Netflix may explain declining fertility because couples would rather binge than partake in other, er, activities. For people still searching for a partner, streaming and video games offer something even more valuable: a fulfilling home experience that is nearly risk-free, even if you are alone. Research suggests that some young men are working less because they devote more time to playing video games, implying that it serves as an alternative to seeking both love and money.

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