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We Don’t Want To Build a New Wall in Terms of Technology: Huawei Deputy Chairman

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ISLAMABAD: Globalization is real but the United States is making efforts for global colonisation, as President Donald Trump has put Huawei and dozens of its affiliates on its official Entity List, making it difficult for the Chinese companies to source components from the American vendors.

Reacting to the restrictions, the deputy chairman of Huawei, Ken Hu addressed a conference on National Cybersecurity at the University of Potsdam the other day and said, “We believe this behaviour is totally unjustified.”

Potsdam Conference on National Cybersecurity is the Germany-wide platform for the national and international exchange of intelligence on the cybersecurity situation. Representatives of the most important security authorities in Germany and Europe enter into a dialogue with stakeholders from industry, politics, and associations in order to discuss the state of the cybersecurity situation in Germany and worldwide.

While underscoring importance of integrated global ecosystem for faster technological innovation and stronger economic growth and to maintain prosperity for human society, Ken said restrictions, based on unfounded allegations had been imposed on Huawei in order to disrupt its business operations.

He highlighted that in Europe, approximately three-quarters of smartphone users rely on Android-based phone. Huawei accounts roughly for 20 per cent of this market. Such reckless decisions can cause a great deal of harm to consumers and businesses in Europe.

“This sets a dangerous precedent. It goes against the values of the international business community, cuts off the global supply chain and disrupts fair competition in the market. This could happen to any other industry and company in the future if we don’t jointly confront these issues”, Ken maintained.

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He added, “When I arrived earlier at campus of the University of Potsdam, I was told that we are at a historic site where the Berlin Wall once stood. This reminded me of the fact that we don’t want to see another wall and we don’t want to go through another painful experience.

He further said, “Equally, we don’t want to build a new wall in terms of trade, we don’t want to build a new wall in terms of technology either. We need an integrated global ecosystem which can help us to promote faster technological innovation and stronger economic growth. Ultimately, it is what we have to rely on in order to maintain prosperity for human society.”


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