Shia Community Ends Dharna After Recovery Of 27 Missing Persons

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Shia Community Ends Dharna After Recovery Of 27 Missing Persons

After more than two weeks, the Shia community protesting outside President Arif Alvi’s residence in Karachi demanding recovery of missing persons has ended the protest after recovery of 27 people.

According to lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir, 27 people have been recovered. 11 of them were produced before Anti Terrorism Court(s) (ATC), four under trial before Military Courts were handed over to the Malir Police and 12 have been freed. As per commitment by the authorities, 8 more missing persons will be released tomorrow.

The missing persons handed over to the Malir police were identified as Zahid Haider Kashmiri, Naeem Haider, Syed Hussain Ahmad, and Syed Sheraz Ahmad. They have also been given access to their families.

Members of the Shia community staged a sit-in outside President Arif Alvi’s residence in Karachi to demand the release of missing Shia persons in April. The protestors vowed to not leave the area until the president listens to them and promises immediate action.

According to reports, the protesters demanded the release of 40 missing persons in Sindh; 38 from Karachi and two from other cities of the province. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside President Arif Alvi’s residence.

A woman, whose two sons were missing, held their pictures in her hands and asked if they looked like ‘terrorists, criminals or target killers’. She said that one of them was a second-year student, while the other had just started his professional life.

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“Do they look their terrorists, criminals or target killers to you? Is this why I brought them up and gave them the best of education so that they would be taken away from me?”

According to the BBC, ‘missing people’ are one of the most sensitive issues in Pakistan. According to official data, there are more than 1,500 unresolved cases of enforced disappearances in the country.

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