School In Spain Is Offering Home Economics Classes To Boys To Promote Gender Equality

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School In Spain Is Offering Home Economics Classes To Boys To Promote Gender Equality

A school in Vigo city in Spain is offering additional Home Economics classes to boys in an attempt to bridge the gender gap and promote gender equality.

The forward-thinkers at Montecastelo School of Spain’s motto is ‘Equality is learned with actions’. Young boys are taught cooking, cleaning and ironing clothes in addition to being taught carpentry, masonry, and plumbing and electrician skills.

“It seemed very useful for our students to learn to perform these tasks so that, when they form a family, they are involved from the beginning and know that a house is a matter of 2, it’s not a matter of the woman cleaning, doing the dishes, and ironing,” course coordinator Gabriel Bravo told UpLiftPost.

Bravo said that the course will allow boys to handle themselves better at home and that it would develop a sense of responsibility among them.

The mission of the class is to “the mission behind the class is to build values, shine a light on gender inequality and shatter the stigmas that come along with these types of activities on the home front”.

Parents of the students have expressed overwhelming response acknowledging their children’s equal contributions in the household chores.

Given the general perception surrounding house chores that females are ought to do them, do you think such courses should be introduced in Pakistan too?

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